This mod decreases the camera recoil for all weapons (except throwables and melee)!


– By default, this mod will adjust settings for the following weapons to decrease their camera recoil:
* Assault Rifle, Machinegun, and Submachinegun camera recoil reduced by 50%
* Assault Carbine, Bolt-Action Rifle, and Pistol camera recoil reduced by 40%
* Marksman Rifle and Shotgun camera recoil reduced by 30%
* Grenade Launcher camera recoil reduced by 20%


1. Extract archive to your `server folder/user/mods` folder
* Folder structure should look like `server folder/user/mods/Kyodan-ReducinRecoil-1.0.0`
2. Close your server (if it’s running)
3. Edit `settings.json` in your preferred text editor/IDE, review/modify any settings, then save and close
4. Delete your `server folder/user/cache` folder
5. Run your server (it should generate a new cache)

* If you change a setting in `settings.json`, repeat steps 2-5 above


– Below are the default settings:
* “reducinRecoil”: true
* “recoilRate_1”: 0.5,
* “recoilRate_2”: 0.4,
* “recoilRate_3”: 0.3,
* “recoilRate_4”: 0.2

– Below are the flags for each setting:
* “reducinRecoil” (true|false) – determines if this script is enabled/disabled
* “recoilRate_1” (float) – determines how much recoil is decreased
(0 is no recoil reduction, 0.5 is half recoil, 1 is no recoil, 2 is double recoil o_o)
* “recoilRate_2” (float)
* “recoilRate_3” (float)
* “recoilRate_4” (float)


– If any of the files below are missing/misplaced, you may have to redownload/reinstall this archive:
* src/Reducin.js
* mod.config.json
* settings.json

Need help?

1. Join the EmuTarkov Discord:
2. @ me in the #support channel which script + version, what the issue is, and a picture/log of that issue (if possible)