Based on the original all in one mod, but with some other quality of life improvements.

To enable or disable settings, open the settings.json Explanation of each setting located on README.txt


IMPORTANT: Some settings will NOT be applied on the next server start up after making changes, this is a bug. To apply all settings first make the changes on settings.json, then recache the server, login into the launcher, after the main menu has loaded, exit the game and server, and finally relaunch the server without recaching, the settings will now be applied.


For any bug reports contact me on discord: JUG4D0R123#2925


8-dec-2020 Update 2.0.9:

  • -fixed raid timer bug

30-nov-2020 Update 2.0.7

  • fixed extended raids not working
  • changed some modules from TamperModLoad to CacheModLoad


26-nov-2020 Update 2.0.6

  • Support for server 1.0.3 thanks to Chomp


25-now-2020 Updated 2.0.5

  • fixed yet another setting getting deleted
  • fixed bullet stacking not working


25-nov-2020 Update 2.0.4

  • hotfix for loot not appearing at all
  • hotfix for no weight not working


24-nov-202 Update 2.0.3

  • no item restrictions now allows you to bring any case to raid
  • fixed free clothes
  • fixed undefined value for insurance return chance
  • fixed some settings getting deleted from gameplay.json
  • moved item editing from cacheBase to user/cache
  • updated README.txt
  • changed some setting’s names -added auto mod updater


22-nov-2020 Update 2.0.2

  • fixed setting longer raids to false not doing anything
  • fixed server error when setting infinite stamina to false
  • added flea market price multiplier to the settings
  • added insurance return chance to the settings
  • added loot overlay setting
  • added chance for empty containers setting
  • added chance to spawn item setting
  • added attempts to place loot setting
  • updated readme.txt


22-nov-2020 Update 2.0.1

  • Changed stamina setting from numerical to true/false
  • added true/false for longer raids
  • added true/false for skill multiplier
  • reworked skills multiplier, now it should be more stable
  • updated readme.txt with the new settings
  • removed unused inraidmodding setting

21-nov-2020 Update 2.0.0

  • Support for Server 1.0.2
  • Each module is now on its own file
  • Reworked Loot multipliers, loot is now per map plus a global multipler
  • reworked stamina, now returning to normal stamina should no longer have insta replenish

19-nov-2020 Update 1.1.8

  • Hotfix for people with a non-functioning 1.1.7


19-nov-2020 Update 1.1.7

  • Reworked Infinite Stamina
  • Added some default options for non cached settings


18-nov-2020 Update 1.1.6

  • added fast bitcoin option
  • added readme.txt
  • fixed most non functioning settings
  • rewritten fast crafting

If for some reason one version is not working for you, you can find all my older versions here