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Name: Molot Vepr 7.62x54R Weapon Mod
Author: zupercb
License: MIT

OVERVIEW:: Weapon build is based off the Molot weapons system. Tested on JET Server 1.1.0

FUNDAMENTALS: Molot Vepr Body RPK Barrel System

10-round SVD 7.62x54 magazine

20-round SVD 7.62x54 magazine

Zenit RP-1 charge handle for AK

RPK Handguard + ADAR wooden handguard + SVDS polymer handguard + All AKM compatible handguards RPK

Receiver + All АКM compatible receivers

All AKM compatible pistol grips

ADAR 2-15 wooden stock + RPK stock compatible variants + AKM stock compatible variants + SVDS stock + VSS stock

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