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Huge thanks to TheMaoci, StraitSix, NordicBattalion, and Life for contributing to this project!


  • Fixes an issue with handling parent IDs in loot containers
  • Fixes an issue where location loot will only spawn once per session
  • Changes the weighted RNG algorithm to make rare items more rare, and common items more common
  • Adds spawn chance multipliers based on rarity
  • Adds a config file for the multipliers mentioned above
  • Adds a config file that has the ability change what can spawn in containers
  • Adds a config file that has the ability to change item rarities and spawn chances
  • Possibly fixes the Big Guns bug (thanks to TheMaoci's contributions)



  1. Download the ZIP file using the download button above
  2. Extract the folder that is inside of the ZIP file
  3. Drop the extracted folder into server/user/mods


Configuration Files



	"not_exist": 0,
	"common": 1,
	"rare": 0.7,
	"superrare": 0.4

The values in this file will be multiplied by the SpawnChance property and the result will be used within the weighted RNG algorithm to determine loot spawns. Please note that these values are NOT percentages, but are relative to each other. For example, the above config would be exactly the same as setting "common" to 0.1, "rare" to 0.07, and "superrare" to 0.04.



		"container": "578f87b7245977356274f2cd",
		"spawnFilter": [

container: This is the ID of the container you are setting the spawn filters for. These can be found in your "LootContainer.json" file inside of your server's DB.

spawnFilter: This is a list of item and/or parent IDs that can spawn in this container. These can be found in any of the JSON files inside of your server DB's Items folder.




		"id": "57d14d2524597714373db789",
		"SpawnChance": 80,
		"Rarity": "Common"

id: This is the ID of the item you are changing the spawn chance or rarity of

SpawnChance: This is the spawn chance of the item. Please note that the game seems to break when this value is over 100

Rarity: This is the rarity of the item. It can be set to one of 4 values:

  • not_exist: By default items of this rarity will not spawn.
  • common: By default spawn chance is unchanged
  • rare: By default only 70% of the spawn chance is used in weighted RNG
  • superrare: By default only 40% of the spawn chance is used in weighted RNG

All of these values can be changed in the RarityMultipliers file


Patch Notes

Latest Release (1.0.6):

  • Fixed the Local Game Starting bug (hopefully) that occurred when 2 of the same gun tried to spawn in the same container


  • Fixed a small bug with loading configuration files


  • Fixed an issue causing conflicts with item mods


  • Re-re-built the 1.0.3 location.js file because GitHub didn't update properly .-.


  • Re-built the 1.0.3 location.js file in order to fix yet more issues with 1.0.3 compatibility


  • Fixed an issue with the mod that caused it error out on 1.0.3

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