• Version 3.0.2
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  • Create Date January 15, 2021
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This is hard coded AI changes for JET 1.0.3


Preview Video here --> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=in08y88lpNk

Update 3.0.2 Video  ---> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t4sLa1RB1Kc


This is HARDCORE - Make sure you back up your original database before installing these changes.

How to install


First, backup your current server/database before installing this!!!!


Download file (name may change) "Kovacs-AI-2.0.0" - Extract this anywhere

Next, move the extracted "db", "src", and "user" folder into your server and overwrite


Open your server.json file in server/user/configs and set them like this




To uninstall this mod, you will need to use the backup you made before installing.


If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions - Feel free to contact Kovacs


Change log

01/16/2021 - Version 1.0.1 - Edited Customs spawns/waves. Added PMCs for testing and feedback purposes

01/17/2021 - Version 1.0.2 - Edited Factory spawns/waves. Added PMC spawns to factory

01/18/2021 - Version 2.0.0 - Edits to spawns and waves across all maps.  Added PMC spawns, made slight changes across the board, changes to PMC behavior

01/28/2021 - Version 3.0.2 - Massive changes to pretty much everything. Overhaul to spawns and spawn locations. Fixed PMC behavior and spawns. Added hundreds of new loadouts to all scavs and PMCs
02/09/2020 - Version 3.1.0 - Fixed Errors on locations

2 thoughts on “Kovacs Altered AI

  1. Raul Steven Hernandez says:

    I don’t see an AI Mod folder once I downloaded, the A.I. mod .rar. A db folder opens up then I double click that folder and three folders pop up.


  2. Deadredskittle says:

    I read in the discord the other day that there was an issue with player AI spawns on the maps, you got customs working. looking at the 2.0.0 update have you finished all the maps now?

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