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  • Create Date December 10, 2020
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author: zupercb

A simple mod that replaces the Russian text dogtags that JET is originally packaged, with dogtags similar to what you would see online. This mod comes in 2 sets, online style dogtags and regular English dogtags.



go to to your JET installation folder, towards /Server/db/bots/bear & then /Server/db/bots/usec
make a copy (or rename) the original files (names.json)
copy whatever set you want in their respective folder and rename as "names.json"
recache server



names-bear.json, names-bear-online.json, names-usec.json, names-usec-online.json



tested on JET Server 1.0.0 and 1.0.3
if you will manually add usernames, keep the total character count below 9000


Update 1.0.1

syntax error fix

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