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Bundle Loader

  1. The bundle loader is a client-side mod that allows custom bundles to be loaded into the game. (Bundles include everything visual and audial in the game.) This can be paired with the server-side Better Bundles mod to automatically download bundles from the server.


For support, join the ConfigFreaks Discord server.


  1. Install the latest version of MelonLoader
    • When the installer asks you to select an exe file select the "EscapeFromTarkov.exe" file in your EmuTarkov client folder.
  2. Download the Bundle Loader DLL using the button above this post.
  3. Put the downloaded DLL file into the Mods folder that was created in your client folder.
  4. To install custom bundles, you will need to put them in the "Bundles/Local" folder inside of  Mods. The bundles can be in other folders inside of Local, which is recommended for organizational purposes.
    • These folders can be created manually, but will be created automatically when starting the game with the DLL in the mods folder.
  5. You're all set! Launch the game and enjoy your new items!


Bundle Editing:


For editing in game assets:

1. Find desired bundle to edit. (Bundles located in your client folder in "EscapeFromTarkov_Data/StreamingAssets/Windows/content".)

2. Copy the bundle to an external folder.

3. Open Unity Asset Bundle Extractor (UABE) and extract the desired asset for editing. (The name of color textures usually end in lod0_dif. For all other assets, sort by asset type and go off of the name.)

4. Edit the extracted asset using the desired program.

5. Select the asset that was extracted using UABE and replace it with the edited one.

6. Save the bundle using File -> Save in both windows of UABE. Give it a different name.

7. Delete, move, or rename the original bundle file.

8. Give the modified bundle the desired name, but make sure it ends in ".bundle".

8. A. All bundles need to be put inside of the "Mods/Bundles/Local" folder on client.
(These can be in their corresponding mod folders)

For adding new items with custom bundles:

8. B. Follow steps 1-8.

9. Using UABE, export the dump of the bundle to your working folder.

  • The bundle can easily be found by sorting by container in UABE, as it is the only one that is blank.

10. Edit the exported text file and change the path information.

  • Example: assets/content/weapons/p90/client_assets.bundle
    Changed: assets/content/weapons/newitemname/client_assets.bundle
  • It does not matter what in the path you change, it just has to be unique from every other path in the game. Although, it is recommended that you change part of the folder path and not the file name.
  • This will need to be changed for every path in the file, excluding references to bundle files you are not editing. If you are editing the bundle that corresponds to one of the paths in the file, you will need to change the original path to the changed one for said file.

11. Look for the JSON data of the item you are modifying in the EmuTarkov server's db folder. Copy the bundle that is referenced in the "path" property under "Prefab". If this path is the same as the bundle you are editing, you can skip this step.

12. Repeat step 10 for container file.

13. Set up new item mod for the server. (Seek help for this in the ConfigFreaks Discord.)

14. In your modded item's JSON file, change the path referenced in step 11 to point to the new path of the edited version of the referenced bundle.

15. Create a manifest file with the exact same name as the bundle referenced, but put ".manifest" after ".bundle".

16. Get the original manifest file located in the same folder as the original bundle and with the same name as the bundle with ".manifest" at the end.

17. At the bottom of the manifest file there should be a section labeled "dependencies".

18. Copy the all of the paths from original file to newly created .manifest file in modfolder.

19. Remove everything up to and including "/Streaming Assets/Windows/" in all of the paths.

  • If the file contains line with no dash at the beginning, consider this a space and add it to the line above.

20. Download and run the Tarkov Bundle Helper.

21. Go to File -> Open and select the file referenced by your modded item's JSON file.

22. If there are any other bundles that you edited for this specific item, add them to the dependencies list.

23. Click "Generate new CAB IDs" and wait for the text at the top of the program to return to the name of the selected bundle.

24. Drop the bundle files into the "Mods/Bundles/Local" folder and start the game to test.


Change Log

Latest Version (1.0.2):

  • Fixes dependency issues
  • Fixes an issue with the mod trying to add bundles before caching them, causing modded bundles not to be loaded


  • Adds compatibility for 12.9

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